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Dates have gained high status due to their great benefits. Because of the importance of the benefits of this fruit, the idea of establishing the Aliyat Dates Factory in Al-Zulfi Province in the year 1431 AH arose, in order to achieve optimal utilization of the economic growth of this wealth. The production hall of the factory was equipped with the latest machinery and equipment according to the latest advances in modern technology, under the best sanitary conditions for packaging. The factory operates with a production capacity of up to 3 tons per hour. Additionally, the factory is ISO certified for global production and has been equipped to the highest levels of development and quality, keeping pace with the latest manufacturing technologies in the dates industry.

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Stages of date manufacturing

The date production process includes several stages from sorting, cleaning, and sterilization to packaging and wrapping, where we ensure in the production process to produce final products that comply with the specifications of the Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization to ensure quality and food safety.

Sorting Process

In this stage, dates are sorted according to size and color, and any unfit ones are accurately removed.

Cleaning Stage

At this stage, the dates undergo a comprehensive washing process to remove any dirt and dust accumulated on the surfaces.

Sterilization Stage

In this stage, sterilization is carried out using a thermal oven to treat the product in a suitable sanitary manner.


We use products that comply with the standards and specifications of the Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization.

Stages of date paste production

Date paste is one of the delicious and nutritious products that enjoy great popularity. The date paste at Aliyat Dates stands out for its delicious taste and high nutritional value, making it an ideal choice for consumption during meal times or as a snack. The production process of date paste involves a series of sequential steps, starting from sorting and ending with packaging and wrapping.

Sorting Process

In this stage, dates are carefully inspected to separate the good pieces from any damaged ones, selecting suitable dates for further processing.


After sorting, the dates undergo a thorough washing process to remove any impurities and dust accumulated on their surface. This step plays a vital role in enhancing the quality of the final date paste.


Steaming the dates to soften them for easier separation, where the dates are exposed to steam for a certain period, aiding in softening them and facilitating the process of pit removal.

Pit Removal

In this stage, a special machine is used to remove the pits from the dates, resulting in obtaining a smooth paste free from unwanted elements.


The dates are ground to obtain a smooth paste. After pit removal, they are finely ground to achieve a smooth and homogeneous paste, ready for packaging and wrapping.

Packaging & Wrapping

In the final step, the paste is packaged into suitable containers and sealed tightly, allowing it to maintain its quality throughout its shelf life.

Services we offer

We are pleased to offer our services in the field of receiving and processing dates with high-quality standards. We are committed to providing an ideal environment for processing, packaging, and preserving dates, with a constant focus on improving our products to meet the diverse needs of our customers.

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Aliyat Dates exhibitions

Aliyat Dates has exhibitions in both Riyadh and Al-Zulfi, where we showcase the finest varieties of dates that cater to all tastes. We have ensured diversity to meet all needs, offering you a wide range of varieties.

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